Funny Shiot!

PJDIY: Pipe & Flange Bed Frame

PJDIY: Pipe & Flange Bed Frame

Learn how-to make one of the EASIEST and CHIC-EST bed frames you never knew you wanted! Full PJDIY tutorial in post...

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5 Beach Essentials for Your Living Room!

5 Beach Essentials for Your Living Room!

5 Beach Essentials y'all need for your living room!

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Beachy Chic Gallery Wall- Canvas Art!

Beachy Chic Gallery Wall- Canvas Art!

This easy PJDIY FAB canvas artwork was inspired by my trip + video to Venice Beach, CA-- check it!

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5 Things You Won't Believe Make This Table Great

5 Things You Won't Believe Make This Table Great

5 Things You Won't Believe Make This Table Great-- the fact that I'm in DRAG as Doris Day & Dean Martin is only one of the them! Check out the video and full post!

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Instant Art Gallery...using your ARMOIRE? YASSSSS!

Instant Art Gallery...using your ARMOIRE? YASSSSS!

Your armoire can store stuff AND be an art gallery...Chairish and I show y'all how!

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What to do with that Armoire? CHAIRISH!

What to do with that Armoire? CHAIRISH!

Got armoire? Chairish + PJ school y'all on how to style it!

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You need some architectural interest? Add Tape.

You need some architectural interest? Add Tape.

Get instant architectural details in your space-- with a roll of tape! Pic by Kelly Marshall

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Thrift Whore Thursday-- Twerk Time!!!

Shake yo butt up & down, side to side, Betches, 'cause today 's Thrift Whore Thursday is 'bout to go off!:




Confused? What y'all are looking at is a gilded entertainment center from back in the day when they knew how-to make an entertainment center! You've got built-in's for dayzzzz, like this record player shiot:


And these compartments for your album collection:


And y'all see that mirrored panel? That whore just so happens to lift up, holding one of the chic-est bars on earth! WHAT?!? Oops, guess I didn't snap a pic of that, but TRUST it was Shut-the-FU$K you amazing!! There's also two speakers tucked behind the compartment doors on both ends that look like this:


This shiot is SLAYING me-- and for only $200, it could be in y'all's living room SLAYING you too!!! Get on it! Happy whoring!!! And Twerking!

Furniture F*CKFEST, y'all!

Sometimes all the good us Thrift Whores do for the community comes back to us! Like this feast I stumbled upon at a Salvation Army furniture warehouse sale. BEYOND:

And oh shiot-- Look, y'all: that betch brought her portable cart along! WERK SHOP LIVE Hunty Blue Blouse!

Look at all this LIFE:


And just F*CK YOU China Cabinet all chic and shiot:


Oh yeah, y'all...REALLY:


Them. Damn that was GOOD! Happy Whoring, y'all!

If you only have 5 minutes per phone call...

A pic of a sign inside vintage phone booth, 'Limit Calls to 5 Minutes' Then biotch, better make it count by taking your call in one of these babies:

An AFTER shot of two vintage phone booths painted out in red and blue

YES! Gorg, right? These booths are just BEYOND sassy, with their new paint jobs...and look at the floors too:

A close up of linoleum floor of phone booth

Another detail shot of interior phone booth linoleum floor

These are painted in the company's logo colors using Benjamin Moore's Impervex latex enamel paint. It's water based, so the dry time is substantially less than oil based enamels, but it still took me about 4 days to WERK these two ladies out! Red being the absolute biotch of a color that she is to paint with, and b/c every surface in both of these booths was some kind of weird laminate-y horrid glossy surface, I had to use a primer. I used Benjamin Moore's Stix Waterborne Bonding Primer, which sounds like some sort of torture method. It too is water-based, so it was really easy to use and dried really quickly. Here's what that step looked like:

A pic of the primed interior of one of the phone booths

A close up of the primed interior of phone booth

A ceiling shot of the interior of primed phone booth

I hit both booths with two coats of primer. Then painted both out with at least two coats of paint each. The red lady was all kinds of finicky, as pointed out earlier, so of course she ended up getting like 4 coats. Honestly, I could of done even more, but she wasn't the only thing on the agenda for this office makeover, the selfish skank! The linoleum floors got some love by being scrubbed and then reconditioned with a generous coating of boiled linseed oil, which is just God's gift...that stuff works on ALL KINDS OF SURFACES...AMAZE!

A pic of the red paint job for the phone booth

A pic of the painted phone booths with doors closed

It's Friday and there's Free snow for the taking!

Well damn if NYC and vicinity hasn't had it's fair share of heinous weather and now Nemo is upon us!!! In fact, as I type this, there's some sort of air strike sounding siren going off in the distance and I'm not quite sure what it's alerting me to? Snow? Ice? Nuclear fallout? Since when does NYC use sirens in neighborhoods? Just more drama to add to an already high drama alert situation? YES! See, I wasn't already amped up enough by all the media coverage on Nemo, so let's sound some alarms, that probably haven't been used since the 50's, to heighten the scene even more! Speaking of, today's Free Shiot Friday is a real doozie, check it:

A pic of a pig's head in Prospect Park

Yeah, in case that pic isn't clear enough:

A close up shot of a pig's head in Prospect Park

There's just so much wrong with this scenario...but one of the highlights of wrongness here is, 'hi, I've got a pig's head I need to throw out, so I'm gonna go to the trouble of bagging it, but I think rather than just throw it out in the trash bins in front of my building, where I normally throw out all my trash, I'm gonna walk across the street, meander down the sidewalk a bit and then dump this bag in Prospect Park' I know our neighborhood has some real issues with cleanliness, as witnessed by the endless parade of all things chicken strewn over the sidewalks at any given time (and season!), but this one kinda just takes precedence...

A close up front shot of pig's head in Prospect Park

Y'all, happy Friday...awwww, I heart NYC...remember, sometimes just b/c it's FREE, doesn't mean you want to take it home!

Apartment Shoot

Y'all, I shot bits of our apartment back in April 2011 with the uber-talented, Bob Martus: A pic of two green striped mid century lounge chairs in PJ Mehaffey's apt shot by Bob Martus

Catch the rest of those shots in my portfolio section...anyway, We always knew we weren't finished with the shoot-- we just didn't realize it would take damn near two years to make it happen!?! Well, here we are, getting back in the photo groove and finishin' what we started:

A shot of a computer screen displaying new interior apt pics of PJ Mehaffey shot by Bob Martus

No, I'm not moving, y'all...

A pic of PJ Mehaffey's messed up living room during a photo shoot by Bob Martus

This is what goes down when you get a photographer and a prop stylist all up in yo grill-- in yo face with jumblin' up yo shiot like you was movin' but all your really doin' is takin' a picture of yo house! That's called GLAMOUR and consider yo-selves, schooled!!!

An alternate shot of PJ Mehaffey's apartment being shot by Bob Martus

And here in NYC, we grab power WHEREVER we can scrounge it up...this one kitchen outlet is powering a photo shoot AND tonight's dinner, simmering in the slow cooker! YES! Y'all know I'm all about double-value in my house!

A pic of Bob Martus' photo equipment raging in PJ Mehaffey's kitchen

Even my poor dog was all wide-eyed and feelin' bamboozled, wandering from one mess to the next:

A dark shot of Brandon in the Salon, surveying the stylin damage

Cant' wait to share the fab pics soon!!! Patrician Court realness can't be denied! XXOOOO!

Thrift Whores-- our theme song!

It's a 'special sauce' kinda Thrift Whore Thursday up in here y'all...we got us a theme song! YES! Y'all know your whorin' always goes that much better when you got some kinda beat or rhythm to shake it to! Well, get ready to get your groove on to this sassy's AMAZING!:

Happy Whoring, y'all!

I'm getting back onstage...through a Time Machine!!!

Y'all, I'm just beyond delighted to share that through a really twisted, yet divine, turn of events I am dusting off my make-up kit and getting back on the stage! YES! (Some of you Dazzlers may not know, but before all my decorating & styling hilarities, I used to be a full-time actor-- it's the reason I moved to NYC in the first place!) The show is a pop musical experience called, Totally Tubular Time Machine Graphic for pop musical Totally Tubular Time Machine

It's being billed as, "New York City's only interactive, intergalactic, pop music experience!" Also, it's a "reality based pop musical that you to time travel and party up-close and personal with a cast of 'celebrity' pop stars (past and present) performing live: Madonna, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, etc." And many more:

Shot of actors portraying pop stars in Totally Tubular Time Machine

Aptly, I am playing the Queen of the Decades-- which trust, is a REAL stretch, y'all-- who's kinda like the emcee of this whole situation-- and I am having an absolute BLAST!!! (This also explains my total skank-ness for being MIA the entire week.....sorry!) The show has a soft open tonight at Culture Club, and will be running Saturdays at 8:00 PM...check the TTTM website (link above) for ticket and more show info. and get yo asses to this's hysterical and everyone in it is absolutely inFU&%ingcredible!!!WERK!!!

The Teens are upon us, y'all!

And if there's one thing about me that most of y'all know, I enjoy some Teen...(I AM Teen Tawny, afterall y' have a listen to my songs here!!!): Pic of Teen Tawny shot by K Alane Golden

So a HUGE Happy New Year to my grandbaby dazzler's!!! May 2013 bring y'all health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression-- by way of sparkly headbands and panties!!! LOVE! I also LOVE my new chic porcelain gnome light I scooped up recently on sale at Target:

Pic of PJ Mehaffey's Good Luck Gnome of 2013

This little guy makes me sooooo happy-- I've decided he's my 'good luck gnome'...Target might be sold out b/c he was value-priced to sell, but don't fret, y'all can score one here:

Pic of the 'good luck gnome' all aglow

Commence 2013 dream fulfillment!