If you only have 5 minutes per phone call...

A pic of a sign inside vintage phone booth, 'Limit Calls to 5 Minutes' Then biotch, better make it count by taking your call in one of these babies:

An AFTER shot of two vintage phone booths painted out in red and blue

YES! Gorg, right? These booths are just BEYOND sassy, with their new paint jobs...and look at the floors too:

A close up of linoleum floor of phone booth

Another detail shot of interior phone booth linoleum floor

These are painted in the company's logo colors using Benjamin Moore's Impervex latex enamel paint. It's water based, so the dry time is substantially less than oil based enamels, but it still took me about 4 days to WERK these two ladies out! Red being the absolute biotch of a color that she is to paint with, and b/c every surface in both of these booths was some kind of weird laminate-y horrid glossy surface, I had to use a primer. I used Benjamin Moore's Stix Waterborne Bonding Primer, which sounds like some sort of torture method. It too is water-based, so it was really easy to use and dried really quickly. Here's what that step looked like:

A pic of the primed interior of one of the phone booths

A close up of the primed interior of phone booth

A ceiling shot of the interior of primed phone booth

I hit both booths with two coats of primer. Then painted both out with at least two coats of paint each. The red lady was all kinds of finicky, as pointed out earlier, so of course she ended up getting like 4 coats. Honestly, I could of done even more, but she wasn't the only thing on the agenda for this office makeover, the selfish skank! The linoleum floors got some love by being scrubbed and then reconditioned with a generous coating of boiled linseed oil, which is just God's gift...that stuff works on ALL KINDS OF SURFACES...AMAZE!

A pic of the red paint job for the phone booth

A pic of the painted phone booths with doors closed