Meet Kristaal.

Y’all this:


Yasssssss: your eyes don’t deceive you! That’s a PINK MARBLE oval dining table. A vintage, mid century pink marble dining table, found off Craigslist, to be exact. She’s 72” long x 43” wide, seats 8, prob weighs about 800+ lbs, (NO JOKE), and y’all— the best part?— she cost all of $325, no shiot!!! (The marble alone is worth prob five times that, AT LEAST)


Hard to really grasp all the color nuance happening here, esp. under her saran wrap, I know, but she’s giving us: pink, peach, salmon, terra cotta, raspberry w/ hits of white, gray, greige, beige, etc…just ‘liciousness in the extreme!


This pic is from the original Craigslist ad, wherein my gurl is giving us all kinds of orangy-ness…so weird, right?:


But then, back at Doilywood in daylight, here’s all the Millenial Pink gorgeousness that is being served:


Amaaaze! It almost makes that horrid 1967 wall-to-wall carpet look decent…almost!!! But y’all, hope you’re seated, or can at least lean against something sturdy…things took a bit of an unexpected turn…take a sec (ok, 6 mins) to watch this video from my insta story to get caught up:

So yeaaaaahhh, that went down. But: all great now & Kristaal is stronger than ever! For those wanting to know the 411 on the adhesive used, here it is:


And with that adhesive fully cured, y’all take a nice long look at that crack— ohhh! I’m prob going to do some faux finishing on it: maybe lightly brush in some hits of gray to dull out all that bright WHITE. I’ve even had awesome suggestions to gold leaf or kintsugi the crack, which could be beyond chic too! Speaking of chic: had to include this pic of our ‘new’ dining room chandelier too. This was a Housing Works thrift store score from years ago, covered in tons of grime that I polished & rewired & added all these crystals to. The ‘ceiling medallion’ is a repurposed non-working sunburst clock scored from the World’s Longest Yard Sale, which yes, y’all— is totally a REAL THING & its’ amazing!


So ecstatic to welcome Kristaal to our Doilywood family!