5 Beach Essentials for Your Living Room!

Y'all each spring, as we head into summer, every magazine from Cosmo to Allure maps out our beach bag essentials.  And guuurrl, you know I’m right there with you hanging on every word-- LIVING for that new spray tan tip! YASSSSS! But what are the essentials NOT for your Lilly Pulitzer beach bag- but for your living room? Well, pull up that lawn chair, pour that umbrella drink, it’s about to get beachy up in here!  

1. Candy! Yep, y'all read that right...certain candy always reminds me of the beach and none more so than-- Taffy!

My heart flipped for the pastel pink I scored on the boardwalk and the result was this mouthwatering artwork I made from an Anthropologie bag! Yes y'all read that right. Step by step directions are here

2. Pinwheels.  A group of kids were selling them on the beach-- bright metallic, purple…perfect for the sun. Those inspired me to make easy breezy instant sculpture: a few clicks on Etsy...

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 4.21.17 PM.png

One West Elm shadow box...



3. Beach find--  Seashells, of course, y'all!  Walking along the water’s edge, looking for a treasure inspired yet another fab easy PJDIY decor item.  One glue gun, a bag of shells, 2 episodes of Scandal and several toasts to Olivia Pope later, resulted in this mirror:

4. Y'all-- what’s a beach scene without a hammock?  This wall art picked up at a craft fair is obvi not a hammock but it works perfectly & gives that same vibe.


And w/some cotton rope, a bit of drift wood (ANOTHER possible beach find...yayyy!) and some craftiness on your part, this look could totally be recreated, even IF you were never a Girl Scout! Y'all you can't make a mistake with this: in fact, the more creative you get with your twists, ties and knots here, the better...you're making a one-of-kind wall hanging! NOW GET IT!

5. Pics! All those fab beach shots (& yes, even SELFIES, Gurl) that you took looking on point at the shore giving full FACE, HAIR, BODY and LOOK need to be printed & framed to help round out the perfect Beachy Chic gallery wall. I suggest keeping all your frames consistent, like I did here with all white:

Now go out and get your Beachy Chic ON! YAYYYYYY!