It's Friday and there's Free snow for the taking!

Well damn if NYC and vicinity hasn't had it's fair share of heinous weather and now Nemo is upon us!!! In fact, as I type this, there's some sort of air strike sounding siren going off in the distance and I'm not quite sure what it's alerting me to? Snow? Ice? Nuclear fallout? Since when does NYC use sirens in neighborhoods? Just more drama to add to an already high drama alert situation? YES! See, I wasn't already amped up enough by all the media coverage on Nemo, so let's sound some alarms, that probably haven't been used since the 50's, to heighten the scene even more! Speaking of, today's Free Shiot Friday is a real doozie, check it:

A pic of a pig's head in Prospect Park

Yeah, in case that pic isn't clear enough:

A close up shot of a pig's head in Prospect Park

There's just so much wrong with this scenario...but one of the highlights of wrongness here is, 'hi, I've got a pig's head I need to throw out, so I'm gonna go to the trouble of bagging it, but I think rather than just throw it out in the trash bins in front of my building, where I normally throw out all my trash, I'm gonna walk across the street, meander down the sidewalk a bit and then dump this bag in Prospect Park' I know our neighborhood has some real issues with cleanliness, as witnessed by the endless parade of all things chicken strewn over the sidewalks at any given time (and season!), but this one kinda just takes precedence...

A close up front shot of pig's head in Prospect Park

Y'all, happy Friday...awwww, I heart NYC...remember, sometimes just b/c it's FREE, doesn't mean you want to take it home!