Y'all, Thrift Whoring ain't cheap on Angel Street!

Some recent thrift whoring expeditions have me seeing a recent trend: charity-based thrift stores that are way overpriced! WTF? I mean, I get it...these organizations raise funds based on sales, AND their missions are generally amazing, but it's getting out of control. A lot of the prices are more in line with higher end antique shops, NOT thrift stores. A big culprit in this trend is Angel Street Thrift, located in Chelsea, Hot-n-Tight. I'm not sure which 'angel' is running the shop over there, Greedy? Delusional-ia? -- but there's some kind of madness happening regarding pricing, and it ain't cute...on a recent visit, I was hard-pressed to find ANY items priced under $50! This folk art doll dresser? Yours for only $250! I WISH that was a typo... A pic of a distressed doll dresser that sells for $250 at Angel Street Thrift

But benevolence abounds b/c y'all could just pay $50 more for a dresser you can actually use, well, correction...it's not a FULL SIZE dresser, more like a nightstand...ahem:

Pic of a small black dresser at Angel Street thrift

A tight shot of a black dresser from Angel Street Thrift

Gets you presswood and 'lined' vintage newspaper drawers...the blessings!

A close-up pic of an open dresser drawer at Angel Thrift store

This wingback will only set y'all back $750...

A wingback chair at Angel Thrift Store

And y'all know, EVERY SINGLE ITEM that came out of the mid-20th century should immediately be high priced...it IS mid-century modern, so please charge even more money for it:

A pic of a green upholstered mid-century twin bed at Angel Street

This light can be y'all's for $2400...b/c see, it's real crystal, y'all, so you know what that means?! Cha ching!

A crystal chandelier at Angel Street Thrift

Thrift Whores don't fret! As much as I've come across places like Angel Street recently, there are tons of other thrift shops that actually make good on thrift prices. Stay vigilant, persevere and happy whoring-- you may not always score, but it'll be that much more thrilling when you do!