The Teens are upon us, y'all!

And if there's one thing about me that most of y'all know, I enjoy some Teen...(I AM Teen Tawny, afterall y' have a listen to my songs here!!!): Pic of Teen Tawny shot by K Alane Golden

So a HUGE Happy New Year to my grandbaby dazzler's!!! May 2013 bring y'all health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression-- by way of sparkly headbands and panties!!! LOVE! I also LOVE my new chic porcelain gnome light I scooped up recently on sale at Target:

Pic of PJ Mehaffey's Good Luck Gnome of 2013

This little guy makes me sooooo happy-- I've decided he's my 'good luck gnome'...Target might be sold out b/c he was value-priced to sell, but don't fret, y'all can score one here:

Pic of the 'good luck gnome' all aglow

Commence 2013 dream fulfillment!