Merry Thriftmas...Whores!

Well, damn, it's been a minute since I've been able to work the streets in search of hot thrift whore action...but y'all are in for some tangy treats today! Pic of a spanish whore bust

Pic of chopin bust

Those busts are just begging for a hit of some poppy colored paint to chic them up bit...I'll take care of that, y'all...don't get up out of your seat now, fact, let me get you something to sip on, while you sit there on yo ass...and I've got just the glass...

Pic of pink juice glass set from thrift store

Pic of three ceramic urns

It's not often that I'm slain with textile offerings when out whoring, but lo and behold, this Salvation Army served me some-- all proper-like...

Pic of a bold floral vintage curtain from thrift store

If I hadn't looked closely at that little lady above, I'd have missed that she was a sweet cafe curtain just waiting to be hung in the window with care...y'all, be sure to always get all up in there in that thrift shiot and dig around-- there's gems lurking this...

Pic of another retro fabric from thrift store of trains

That fabric is choo choo chooing to become some kind of fabulous in a little boys room-- pillows? curtain? work overalls? Make IT!

Pic of a yellow blanket

Y'all, anytime I see a handmade throw, blanket, etc., in a fun color or pattern, I'm style-slapped and scoop it amazing will this bright young thing be lounging on the edge of a sofa...all textured and fringe-y??? And somebody's gran-ma-ma spent mad hours toiling over this shiot and I salute her! But wait, y'all, there's more:

Pic of a plaid wool blanket from thrift store

Pic of red wool throw from thrift store

REAL wool blankets are becoming more and more of a rarity it seems, what with all the fleece and Snuggie's runnin' rampant all over the place, so y'all can never do wrong by scooping 'em up when you see 'em...and as with ANY thrift purchases, make sure you clean your scores...all thorough-like! Happy whoring y'all-- may all your thrifting dreams be fulfilled!!!