"The hills are alive...with the sound of thrift whores!"

Y'all there's very few things in life that compare to thrift whoring in the mountains of Tennessee!!! Prepare y'all-selves for this very special Tennessee Mountain Magic edition of Thrift Whore Thursday!!!

A pic of a black world globe in a Tennessee thrift store

A tight shot of a black world globe at a Tennessee thrift store

A tight shot of vintage jadeite syrup and salt and pepper shakers in thrift store

A tight shot of jadeite Grease jar from Tennessee thrift shop

And what to get for the person who has everything? Oh this:

Pic of weird naked ceramic football baby figurine from Tennessee thrift store

Awwww, don't y'all just LOVE the south?? Football figurines...and then this:

How AMAZING is that?!...Just about as amaaaaazing as this:

This place couldn't STOP reminding us of the season at hand...and I for one, couldn't get enough:

Fa la la la la...la la la la..and the gifts kept on coming, y'all...looking for an easy way to decorate your table for that uber-special occasion...try this:

This baby was begging to be brought back to NYC, and trust y'all that we hashed through all the different ways to make it work, but sometimes even I have to play thrift whore hardball...

And damn if we weren't completely torn asunder by Orange-adorbs, this biotch finished the job:

Yellow mid-century molded-plastic file cabinet realness BEYOND! And I know exactly what y'all are gonna be saying when you see how much she costs:

Here's to the happiest and whore-eriest 2013 to all of us!!!