Free Shiot Friday

Y'all, some FREE Shiot you don't want-- like this raging flu that had it's way with me (and the rest of the planet it seems?!) for several's been next to impossible to get my dazzle on around here! But then this little lady saddled up to the curb, all woody and cute-like and brought me right back on the road to my former sassy self: A pic of a wooden side table left out on the curb

Y'all, clearly someone has just emptied their entire bedroom on the sidewalk here...scary, but then table lady had even more to reveal than just her scalloped decolletage:

A close up shot of the side table with a spinning top

Well, Style Slap-- she SPINS, y'all! Can't say I've ever come across a table with a spinning top! And I can totally see why it would be super-functional albeit slightly unstable, for a dining room table, but this one threw me even more b/c she's a side table, or at least, based on size/scale, that's how I'd use her. But, perhaps she was a potter's wheel/table, or some sort of model making or other art table? Whateve's-- she's unique, in great condition and with some very minor TLC, she'll be livin' it up with Debbie as a side table in her new place...woohoo...I just LOVE it when cool, Free Shiot finds a new, loving home!:

A close up of Debbie Wheatley and Chris White carrying a street find side table

Happy Free Shiot Friday y'all and stay healthy!!!