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NYC Garbage goes GLAM: Free Shiot Friday!

NYC Garbage goes GLAM: Free Shiot Friday!

Y'all will be the belle of your own ball with these FREE SHIOT FRIDAY babies I've spied!

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It's Free's Friday

It's Free's Friday

These two...chic and FREE...but just wait til y'all see what I would do with them...

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It's FRIDAY and there's FREE SHIOT

This lady was hanging out in front of our building:

Real potential for chic-ery? Or is she just too exhausted to even bother?

The upholstery decided it was DONE prob a decade or more BEFORE she even landed here, so obvi, re-upholstery would be in order. I do like her overall silhouette, which I find slightly...clutch your pearls...MODERN, despite the cra cra REGALIA woodwork that's absolutely style-slapping us all quickly about the face. She's boxy yet bodacious-- which makes for a HAWT combo:

Imagine this gal's woodWERK lacquered in black (or white, even) with some incredible fabric, like these?


I mean:

I think this lady has a lotta life left in her! Sure hope somebody scooped her up and is gonna do right by her! Now, go do right by y'all-selves, take to the streets and get you some free shiot-- happy Friday!!!

Betch-Slapped by Brass!

Last week there was the cutest little mid-century dresser featured on Free Shiot Friday, and this week, it's this dining set! Presenting Brass Regalia Realness:

She isn't even attempting to trick y'all into thinking she's real brass, but cleaned up, re-upholstered in something fab and given a new glass top, she could help you WERK your hostess skillz beyond belief:

The table base design is giving us all kinds of's on it's side on the end:

Happy Friday, y'all-- now go out and score some Free Shiot!

Free Shiot Friday!

Y'all, this little lady greeted me on my way out of my building:


How sweet! Just minding her own business, all cute-like with hits of mid-century details, trying to stay out of everyone's way behind that gate...I sure hope someone scoops her up & takes the best care of her with some fab paint job or a refinish...she is FREE after all, and it IS Friday! Enjoy!

Free Shiot Friday!!!

Can someone please grab this free shiot off the street and change YOUR LIFE??:

This cabinet is screaming to get painted in a fun color and then serve yo ass in the kitchen as extra work surface/storage, the dining room as a server/buffet or in the living room as a media console/credenza/ or an entryway table...

Point is: pieces like these are workhorses. They're uber-functional and can look chic too, with some quick paint lovin'...and being free means you can't go wrong no matter what. Free workhorses...that's the kind of horse I like to ride!!! I mean. What a great way to start a weekend! Savor it, y'all!

It's Friday and y'all need some FREE SHIOT!

And look what the streets of NYC has served us today: A pic of a white Kartell side table in a NYC trash can

Only in NYC would y'all find authentic mid-century furniture in da TRASH...what! what!...this is Kartell's Componibili 2 drawer side table, which rest assured, costs a pretty penny...vintage or new:

An overhead shot of Kartell's Componibili table in NYC trash can

And then we pull back for a wide shot and see another section of this baby, buried beneath the first section...shiot:

Another pic of Kartell side table in NYC trash can

See, y'all this is what this side table looks like when she's at her best, not chillin' in a trash can:

A pic of new Kartell Componibili 2 Drawer side table

So, now y'all know why I was tots backslapped when I found this lady in a trash can!!!...the shade:

Another overhead pic of Kartell side table in NYC trash can

See, this treasure hunting is exactly why me and my genius Trashinistas (Alane & Andy) partnered with Mark Mark Productions on a tv show concept called, Trash NYC that we pitched to networks (featuring the FAB Carly Hughes)...which y'all can watch for y'all-selves below:

Now got out and get y'all-selves some Free Shiot-- from the trash, the curbs, dumpsters...there's some style lurking about, just aching to be discovered and Trashformed!!! Happy Friday!

Free Shiot Friday in full effect!

Oh she's a cold one out there today, y'all...but you know some Free Shiot Friday will warm y'all good-n-toasty like nothing else! Like this gal here, who's sitting all pretty: A pic of a FREE white armoire on NYC street

Hanging hardware still intact and looking operational (someone must've just smashed this poor girls door in a fashion frenzy one morning and here she is, out on the street...the shade!):

A close up of interior door mount of free white armoire off NYC street

LOVE the fun yellow and white stripe party happening in the back of the interior of armoire...'cause y'all know the front is all business and shiot:

A tight shot of the interior of free white armoire off NYC street

What's great too is that back can be changed to fit whatever party you got going on, if you're not vibing yellow and white mountain alps Ricola-realness! Paint it out, add a different patterned paper, or fun fabric...I mean, just let loose like you never knew you could on the back of an armoire, people!!!! YESSSS! Free Shiot Friday is about freedom and the USA!

Here's another shot that details the clothing bar...

Another tight shot of interior of free white armoire off NYC street

Or boombox, or bar or World Britannica Collection or...Happy Friday y'all! Go out and get some Free Shiot!

Well, shiot y''s Free Friday up in here!

And don't y'all know a whole damn week has gone by since my last post and I've been too slung up...what the...? Well, feast on this gorg that was just left out on the street:

A pic of a vintage Goodform office chair

She comes with extra baggage, but that's easily done away with...and the wheels are divine:

A front side pic of vintage Goodform office chair

This is probably a Goodform and she'd need some TLC, probably a reupholster rehab, but overall, she's tres chic and would look incredible paired with some french frilly writing desk or even a simple parson's style desk:

An alternate side pic of vintage Goodform desk chair

Happy Friday, y'all!!!

Free Shiot Friday

Y'all, some FREE Shiot you don't want-- like this raging flu that had it's way with me (and the rest of the planet it seems?!) for several's been next to impossible to get my dazzle on around here! But then this little lady saddled up to the curb, all woody and cute-like and brought me right back on the road to my former sassy self: A pic of a wooden side table left out on the curb

Y'all, clearly someone has just emptied their entire bedroom on the sidewalk here...scary, but then table lady had even more to reveal than just her scalloped decolletage:

A close up shot of the side table with a spinning top

Well, Style Slap-- she SPINS, y'all! Can't say I've ever come across a table with a spinning top! And I can totally see why it would be super-functional albeit slightly unstable, for a dining room table, but this one threw me even more b/c she's a side table, or at least, based on size/scale, that's how I'd use her. But, perhaps she was a potter's wheel/table, or some sort of model making or other art table? Whateve's-- she's unique, in great condition and with some very minor TLC, she'll be livin' it up with Debbie as a side table in her new place...woohoo...I just LOVE it when cool, Free Shiot finds a new, loving home!:

A close up of Debbie Wheatley and Chris White carrying a street find side table

Happy Free Shiot Friday y'all and stay healthy!!!

It was a dark and stormy night...

and then someone left this shiot out on the curb:A pic of a red corner shelf unit off NYC street

and then y'all know it must be FREE SHIOT FRIDAY, round ye ole Blog-A-Dazzle! YES!!! And won't someone start their weekend off right and grab up this little red number and take her HOME already??? All she needs is a good wipedown-- I'm not even going there with that-- and before you could even place a knick knack on her shelf, you'd be style-slapped when she takes residence in the corner of your living room!!! That chinoiserie fretwork all along her sides is just flat-out FIERCE! A close up shot of the red corner shelf unit left out on NYC street

And don't y'all just j'adore carving out some extra storage in your space, that you never even knew you had-- with a biotch that sits in the corner, completely outta the way of everything else??!!! For FREE?! Well then, shut the FU&% y'all and Happy Friday!!!

Free Friday!!!

It's FRIDAY, y'all and look at this free dresser someone put out on the street:


Someone please grab this gal and give her some TLC-- oh I know! A fresh coat of paint & drop a bowl right on top & retro-fit this biotch for plumbing!!! YES! That's a sink console I'd LOVE to wash up in! Scrub IT:


There's wheels, storage potential AND look at that scalloped edge that's just sending y'all smiles, all sweet-like:


Damn! Consider yourselves STYLE-SLAPPED!!!

A settee worth saving!

An image of a wood framed settee in the garbage... Y'all it just tears at my style heartstrings to see that someone left this poor girl out for the garbage! Hopefully someone snagged her up, 'cause she's a find! The turned legs, the slightly curved arms...wouldn't take much at all to get her back to a place where she can serve up some style-- proper like!

Another pic of the wood framed settee discarded in the garbage

Once the webbing was re-attached, I'd most likely refinish the frame with some laquer in a fun color or maybe even just black...then I'd do two large for the base/seat and one for the back...the cushions could be in one of these amazing fabrics from

An image of a yellow and black medallion print fabric

Paired with this:

A pic of a black paint blob

Or these: An image of a yellow paint blob

An image of a grey paint blob

Which could all work with this too: A pic of an ikat polka dot in a grey color

But maybe we get all botanical-bonanza with this fabric:

An image of a pink and purple botanic print

And this fun paint: An image of chartreuse green paint blob

This could be great too:

AN image of a bold green and blue patterned fabric

Paired with this paint: An image of a blue paint blob

I could go on and on here with fabric and paint combos to fulfill y'all's dreams for days...point is, don't be so quick to dismiss that discarded furniture--- you could end up with some chic beyond belief! Get IT!