A settee worth saving!

An image of a wood framed settee in the garbage... Y'all it just tears at my style heartstrings to see that someone left this poor girl out for the garbage! Hopefully someone snagged her up, 'cause she's a find! The turned legs, the slightly curved arms...wouldn't take much at all to get her back to a place where she can serve up some style-- proper like!

Another pic of the wood framed settee discarded in the garbage

Once the webbing was re-attached, I'd most likely refinish the frame with some laquer in a fun color or maybe even just black...then I'd do two large cushions...one for the base/seat and one for the back...the cushions could be in one of these amazing fabrics from Fabric.com:

An image of a yellow and black medallion print fabric

Paired with this:

A pic of a black paint blob

Or these: An image of a yellow paint blob

An image of a grey paint blob

Which could all work with this too: A pic of an ikat polka dot in a grey color

But maybe we get all botanical-bonanza with this fabric:

An image of a pink and purple botanic print

And this fun paint: An image of chartreuse green paint blob

This could be great too:

AN image of a bold green and blue patterned fabric

Paired with this paint: An image of a blue paint blob

I could go on and on here with fabric and paint combos to fulfill y'all's dreams for days...point is, don't be so quick to dismiss that discarded furniture--- you could end up with some chic beyond belief! Get IT!