Thrift Whores, it's Thursday!!!

Get a load of all this yummy from my local Salvation Army, it's on Thrift Whores! An image of the housewares shelves at the local Salvation Army

A close up image of more shelves in the my local Salvation Army

Concern turned into pure joy upon spotting this:

Value weave...YES! Of course, she was nestled inside this box of potentially glamorous china...naturally:

Camerooooooooooon! Regalia!

Cameroooooon! Regal Real!

Equestrian Ecstasy Experientia:

Disa up in the house, y'all...what! what!

This is for my girl, Disa! What! What!

The sun has officially come OUT today with this:

Don't forget to scavenge through the fabric/towel/bedding areas y'all...there's goodness to be found for all kinds of d.i.y. this granny gone chic bedspread, which slayed me on the spot:

Consider this Thrift Whore Thursday a success! Happy whoring, y'all!