Serena & Lily'd!

A cover shoot of the Serena & Lily Summer catalog Did y'all hear that sound? That was just me being style slapped by the Serena & Lily Summer catalog! Damn! These ladies sure know how to serve some sass...prepare to feast:

A pic of the Serena & Lily Corsica Napkins Sop some up at $38 for a 4-set...these outdoor lights are just adorbs...they're a little on the pricey side at $150, but there are 7 lights in the strand and they come with these sweet, white powder-coated shades, so they're the real deal:

Outdoor lights from Serena and Lily Well, just shut the FU*& you and unfold some chic with these babies:

Serena & Lily sling chair

They're $295 each or $260 each for 2 or more...well, and what do we have here...the new Hennie chair, also $295 each:

Serena & Lily Hennie chair

More rattan right-ness can be had with this: Serena & Lily hanging rattan chair

Oh, y'all, more hot rope action:

Rope bins from Serena & Lily

Serena & Lily metallic storage bin

Metallic rug from Serena & Lily

Beaded chandelier from Serena & Lily

These yummy pendants are all on SALE for $69.99 each, so y'all better scoop 'em up quick-like:

Bright colored drum pendants from Serena & lily

And these stools are just slaying me with cute...they could work ANYWHERE:

Dip-dyed stools from Serena & Lily

And then there's these ladies, who just refuse to not be noticed:

Elsa stool from Serena & Lily catalog

Hold the phone headboard...

Georgina Headboard from Serena & Lily

Hurry and take y'all-selves to Serena & Lily for all this and even MORE chic beyond belief!