Hello Thrift Whores...It's Thursday!!!

While out on a recent style hunt, I stopped into this gem of a thrift store, called Life Boutique Thrift, in Park Slope, Brooklyn: Pic of Life Boutique store exterior shot

Ok, maybe it's called Life Boutique-N-Thrift? Hmmm...

A close-up exterior shot of Life Boutique-N-Thrift in Brooklyn, NY

Well, whatever in hell it's called, get my back, biotches...I'm goin' in!

And brace y'all-selves for the situation I've just stumbled upon:

A ceramic bust of a girl reading and an 80's side table...

Glorious 80's side table realness partnered with a bust of a woman reading! Oh, Tangy! This one here just needs some polish and some chic chandelier shades and she'll be ready to SERVE y'all full-on style...

A picture of a chandelier in need of some TLC

And don't overlook Ms. Hollywood Regency here who's convincing y'all that she deserves a spot in your house...

A tole metalware chandelier from Life Boutique Thrift store

A beagle sniffs out a bulldog statue in the thrift store

This incredible mid-century footed glass style slapped me at the check-out counter, when I was told it was half-off the sticker price! Guess who bought three more to make it a 4-set?!

Footed glassware from thrift store

So I grabbed even more glassware from the half-off hideout:

Image of three colored glasses from thrift store

And this precious Grandbaby is actually a kitsh-chen timer, y'all....oh $1.00 ecstasy...she was half-off too:

A pic of a plastic kitchen timer shaped like a teacup

Y'all, this week's thrift whoring has worked me over...just the way I like it! Savor IT! The staff at Life Boutique was super friendly and really helpful..they even brought out water for Brandon! Precious dollbabies! The best part is the store is chock full of awesome treasure waiting to be discovered...go out and get your thrift whore on already!