It's FRIDAY and there's FREE SHIOT

This lady was hanging out in front of our building:

Real potential for chic-ery? Or is she just too exhausted to even bother?

The upholstery decided it was DONE prob a decade or more BEFORE she even landed here, so obvi, re-upholstery would be in order. I do like her overall silhouette, which I find slightly...clutch your pearls...MODERN, despite the cra cra REGALIA woodwork that's absolutely style-slapping us all quickly about the face. She's boxy yet bodacious-- which makes for a HAWT combo:

Imagine this gal's woodWERK lacquered in black (or white, even) with some incredible fabric, like these?


I mean:

I think this lady has a lotta life left in her! Sure hope somebody scooped her up and is gonna do right by her! Now, go do right by y'all-selves, take to the streets and get you some free shiot-- happy Friday!!!