Free Shiot Friday in full effect!

Oh she's a cold one out there today, y'all...but you know some Free Shiot Friday will warm y'all good-n-toasty like nothing else! Like this gal here, who's sitting all pretty: A pic of a FREE white armoire on NYC street

Hanging hardware still intact and looking operational (someone must've just smashed this poor girls door in a fashion frenzy one morning and here she is, out on the street...the shade!):

A close up of interior door mount of free white armoire off NYC street

LOVE the fun yellow and white stripe party happening in the back of the interior of armoire...'cause y'all know the front is all business and shiot:

A tight shot of the interior of free white armoire off NYC street

What's great too is that back can be changed to fit whatever party you got going on, if you're not vibing yellow and white mountain alps Ricola-realness! Paint it out, add a different patterned paper, or fun fabric...I mean, just let loose like you never knew you could on the back of an armoire, people!!!! YESSSS! Free Shiot Friday is about freedom and the USA!

Here's another shot that details the clothing bar...

Another tight shot of interior of free white armoire off NYC street

Or boombox, or bar or World Britannica Collection or...Happy Friday y'all! Go out and get some Free Shiot!