It's Friday and y'all need some FREE SHIOT!

And look what the streets of NYC has served us today: A pic of a white Kartell side table in a NYC trash can

Only in NYC would y'all find authentic mid-century furniture in da TRASH...what! what!...this is Kartell's Componibili 2 drawer side table, which rest assured, costs a pretty penny...vintage or new:

An overhead shot of Kartell's Componibili table in NYC trash can

And then we pull back for a wide shot and see another section of this baby, buried beneath the first section...shiot:

Another pic of Kartell side table in NYC trash can

See, y'all this is what this side table looks like when she's at her best, not chillin' in a trash can:

A pic of new Kartell Componibili 2 Drawer side table

So, now y'all know why I was tots backslapped when I found this lady in a trash can!!!...the shade:

Another overhead pic of Kartell side table in NYC trash can

See, this treasure hunting is exactly why me and my genius Trashinistas (Alane & Andy) partnered with Mark Mark Productions on a tv show concept called, Trash NYC that we pitched to networks (featuring the FAB Carly Hughes)...which y'all can watch for y'all-selves below:

Now got out and get y'all-selves some Free Shiot-- from the trash, the curbs, dumpsters...there's some style lurking about, just aching to be discovered and Trashformed!!! Happy Friday!