Y'all need some buffalo plaid all up in yer life!!!

Like this: A pic of an armchair upholstered in red buffalo plaid at Lambert & Co

And I know just the place to snatch it up: Lambert & Co at the Chateau Frontenac in Canada! YES! (Y'all, L&Co is inside the hotel lobby, which hotel is linked to above, but -- gasp-- store seems to have no online presence! WTF, Lambert? Well, fret not friends, just do like we used to do back in the day-- call or email them to buy yo-selves some plaid-ness: (418) 694-2151 and lambertco@qc.aira.com)

Like these lovelies:

A red buffalo plaid throw pillow at Lambert & Co

Red plaid lampshade at Lambert & Co

A rectangular red plaid lampshade at Lambert & Co

Speaking of lampshades, these biotches at Lambert & Co are werking all kinds of lampshade divinity...

Close up of a yarn lampshade at Lambert & Co

And never one to be distracted by a lampshade, this one nabbed a fur head-dress:

A pic of Christopher Michael White in new fur hat

There was also some sort of sheep theme running rampant throughout Lambert & Co., b/c I think I remember the shop owner telling me something about their history involving Shetland Wool and sheep, fur, lampshades, plaid?

Red plaid pillow with two lambs embroidered on it

Go on y'all and give 'em a shout to get your hands on some of this chic!!!