NYC Garbage goes GLAM: Free Shiot Friday!

Y'all spotted these gold Chiavari chairs slung up on a trash pile recently:

And my heart went all aflutter....hmmmmmmm...

I know-- there's all kinds of side/backside bounty FULL ON to camera, this is what these gurlz look like when they're actually all dolled up:

 pic from  LaceHouse

pic from LaceHouse

OK? That's a lot of gold glam-- for FREE! Y'all just want give these ladies a good cleaning & grab your ballgown betch-- you're going to a party! And it's IN YOUR HOUSE! SHIOT! They'd make the perfect little chair pairs flanking a console or bookcase, etc...y'all could also paint them in a fun color too, like this:

 Pic from the  DC Ladies

Pic from the DC Ladies

WHAT?! Yassssssssssss!

Y'all better SNAG that FREE SHIOT when y'all see it, esp when it's this GLORIOUS! Don't act all scared & grossed out either-- there's no crying when trash picking BETCH! Pull on your BIG GURL Thong and get IT!

Have y'all spotted any awesome FREE SHIOT FRIDAY in your 'hood? SHOW ME! Happy Friday: now go out & get your FREE SHIOT on!