#PJDIY : Update Vintage Art

Want INSTANT CHARACTER in your space?  Add vintage artwork. I ALWAYS score phenom pieces at flea markets & thrift stores. They're one of a kind, hella affordable & most times are ready to hang AS IS (after a good cleaning)! 

But, y'all, sometimes I have to do a little #PJDIY magic. Like w/these vintage needlepoints:

Adorbs, right?! OK, Needlepoint isn't everyone's thang-- I get it-- but they're certainly unique, the frames/glass are in amazing shape & they're ready to hang... except for those heinous yellow mats! Oooooh-- yes look away, Babygurl! Besides being an ugly shade of yellow paired w/the needlepoint, the oval cutout openings aren't perfectly shaped...just...FAIL. But don't fret y'all-- w/the right color of paint, those mats can be reused & totally transformed in the process! Oh yeah: I typed 'paint'!

Both of these needlepoints have a lot of grey in them, so I went with grey acrylic paint. And damn if I didn't just #styleslap myself six ways to sunday with this...look!: 

WOW. Now, I was still able to see that janky oval cut out chop job, so I added a black abstract border to help disguise all that:

Well shiot!

Well shiot!

Ok, here's the AFTER:

Now THAT'S some truly unique, tots chic artwork! Look how GLORIOUS painting those mats & adding that abstract border made the existing frames look too?! And aside from the cost of paint, this update didn't cost me a dime! SHUT the...F$%K YOU! 

Just divine! Do y'all have any vintage artwork tricks and tips? Show me!