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Instant Art Gallery...using your ARMOIRE? YASSSSS!

Instant Art Gallery...using your ARMOIRE? YASSSSS!

Your armoire can store stuff AND be an art gallery...Chairish and I show y'all how!

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What to do with that Armoire? CHAIRISH!

What to do with that Armoire? CHAIRISH!

Got armoire? Chairish + PJ school y'all on how to style it!

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There's a whole lotta chic...

There's a whole lotta chic...

Take a look at all the chic being served by Pottery Barn Bed & Bath...

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Y'all need to know about...

Y'all need to know about...

Chic just walked in...introducing The Hunted by Stacy E George. MUST. CLICK. NOW.

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It's Thursday...and THAT Means...

Thrift Whoring has gone down, in a BIG WAY, y'all! Here's a round-up of the latest 'liscous from my recent troll:

Wedgewood, Limoges, Italian rock crystal and shut the F&$K YOU ironstone transferware!?! Y'all won't believe what all this YUMMY set me back?

$24.87 VALUE DOLLARS! Salvation Army made me a satisfied thrift whore to-day! What's your latest score?! And YES, I do want all the steamy PICS!

Gobble up Thrift Whores!

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! I'm SO thankful that I'm a Thrift Whore, that it's's Thanksgiving and I've found all kinds of thrifting bounty I've shared this year! Here's another major score:


Such the side table cuteness, with her clean lines, shelf, and these wood inset designs:


Then these brass drawer pulls that just style-slapped us all quickly about the face...well shiot!:


And here's where it gets REALLY good...this chic lady only cost $3.99!!!!! YES! So y'all know that Betch got scooped right up and slung over my shoulder...Happy Thanksgiving & happy thrift whoring!!!

Thrift Whore Thursday Pictorial


Yes, that's $7.99 for a vintage, marble-topped side table. Tag also reads, 'Must Go Today'...well, I can certainly help with that:


We came. We conquered. We Thrift Whore'd.

Thrift Whore Thursday-- Twerk Time!!!

Shake yo butt up & down, side to side, Betches, 'cause today 's Thrift Whore Thursday is 'bout to go off!:




Confused? What y'all are looking at is a gilded entertainment center from back in the day when they knew how-to make an entertainment center! You've got built-in's for dayzzzz, like this record player shiot:


And these compartments for your album collection:


And y'all see that mirrored panel? That whore just so happens to lift up, holding one of the chic-est bars on earth! WHAT?!? Oops, guess I didn't snap a pic of that, but TRUST it was Shut-the-FU$K you amazing!! There's also two speakers tucked behind the compartment doors on both ends that look like this:


This shiot is SLAYING me-- and for only $200, it could be in y'all's living room SLAYING you too!!! Get on it! Happy whoring!!! And Twerking!

Purple Perfection

This luscious combo will soon be installed in one of my clients' bedrooms...wallpaper + paint + carpet= one chic teenage girls bedroom...I mean!


Check back soon to see the progress!

The Alchemical Armoires

This luscious-ness is part of a pair that was scored off Craigslist for a clients office...Craigslist callback y'all!:

Like a lot of folks, she was desperado for extra storage...I'd say these gals fit the bill! Doors! Drawers! Cubbies & Shelves- OH MY!

Problem? Chicken wire door inserts w/polyester curtain-age and heinous finish...

I'm just sayin'...lets fix that, shall we? Starting by chicken wire poly curtain removal and a gloss white paint job.

We used one coat Zinsser BIN primer and this new Advance Benjamin Moore paint that absolutely fulfilled our painting dreams!

Next, chicken wire poly curtain replacement. Mirrors, y'all! I mean...tots obvi! I made a paper template for one door insert and had my glass guy cut four mirrors. Why? Symmetry, Dollbabies! So he cut two one way, then just flipped the template over to cut the other two mirror inserts the other way...make sense? Then I used Liquid Nails adhesive to secure the mirror panels in place. And then this happened:

And this:

The room has a way to go still, but I'd say Drama-glam has been had, y'all!! Happy Friday!

Furniture F*CKFEST, y'all!

Sometimes all the good us Thrift Whores do for the community comes back to us! Like this feast I stumbled upon at a Salvation Army furniture warehouse sale. BEYOND:

And oh shiot-- Look, y'all: that betch brought her portable cart along! WERK SHOP LIVE Hunty Blue Blouse!

Look at all this LIFE:


And just F*CK YOU China Cabinet all chic and shiot:


Oh yeah, y'all...REALLY:


Them. Damn that was GOOD! Happy Whoring, y'all!

Y'all need some buffalo plaid all up in yer life!!!

Like this: A pic of an armchair upholstered in red buffalo plaid at Lambert & Co

And I know just the place to snatch it up: Lambert & Co at the Chateau Frontenac in Canada! YES! (Y'all, L&Co is inside the hotel lobby, which hotel is linked to above, but -- gasp-- store seems to have no online presence! WTF, Lambert? Well, fret not friends, just do like we used to do back in the day-- call or email them to buy yo-selves some plaid-ness: (418) 694-2151 and

Like these lovelies:

A red buffalo plaid throw pillow at Lambert & Co

Red plaid lampshade at Lambert & Co

A rectangular red plaid lampshade at Lambert & Co

Speaking of lampshades, these biotches at Lambert & Co are werking all kinds of lampshade divinity...

Close up of a yarn lampshade at Lambert & Co

And never one to be distracted by a lampshade, this one nabbed a fur head-dress:

A pic of Christopher Michael White in new fur hat

There was also some sort of sheep theme running rampant throughout Lambert & Co., b/c I think I remember the shop owner telling me something about their history involving Shetland Wool and sheep, fur, lampshades, plaid?

Red plaid pillow with two lambs embroidered on it

Go on y'all and give 'em a shout to get your hands on some of this chic!!!