There's a whole lotta chic...

Going down in the early Spring 2016 Pottery Barn Bed and Bath catalog I just got that y'all need to know about:

OK well TELL US ABOUT IT, lucite stool!!! DAMN. She's not necessarily cheap, but for lucite & this simple silhouette that could WERK Y'ALL OVER virtually anywhere in your space, it's well worth the investment. Foot of bed, tucked under entryway console, footstool for chair or sofa-- y'all get the point. Y'all need this gal in your lives. dot. com. She also comes in these other cushion colorways:  

Some serious styleslapping with this. This wall mounted shelf situ made me gasp out loud:

YOU GUYZZZ. So so good. How many times do y'all need extra storage in your space & you want it to look great, but you don't have any room/floorspace for a freestanding bookcase? Happens daily, right? OK Olivia needs to be in your lyfe. Like now. And on your wall. At 42" wide (almost 4 FEET) and 10" deep, this gal is a versatile books, dvd's, shoes, purses, records, bathroom stuff-- y'all, the possibilities for usable storage where y'all need it, are endless. 

Scarf Print Pillow covers , $31 (on sale as of the writing of this post, hellzzz yassss)

Scarf Print Pillow covers, $31 (on sale as of the writing of this post, hellzzz yassss)

This lovely is the cover image of the catalog & the accompanying copy is telling us that these 'licious patterns and prints (seen here as pillow covers) were reimagined from antique silk scarves. And I'm telling y'all that you should probably buy them. Now. Esp b/c they're on special at $31 (covers only) they're so colorful and they'd be such a fun and easy way to add some sass to your sofa. Or bed. 

Speaking of bed-- these same amaaze patterns are on offer as bedding too (duvet covers, shams, etc):

Jess Silk Scarf Sham , $47-$55, size depending

Jess Silk Scarf Sham, $47-$55, size depending

Please shut up with all this...WHAT?! Oh and y'all may want to sit down for this 'cause...lightheaded:

  Nori Scarf Quilt & Sham , $199 (full) $49.50 (standard sham)

 Nori Scarf Quilt & Sham, $199 (full) $49.50 (standard sham)

YES-- you're seeing that & it's an actual thing that you can own and snuggle up with and be the chic-est, badazzz betch on the block...cra cra good. These?

Cecile Lamp Base , $119 (on sale as of this post) Shade in Med White, $47 (sold separate, also on sale as of this post) 

Cecile Lamp Base, $119 (on sale as of this post) Shade in Med White, $47 (sold separate, also on sale as of this post) 

Also cra cra good. Sooooo timeless and elegant and would WERK in any space. 

I can't. with. this. CAN'T. Right? I TOLD y'all! Chic. Sure it can be your bar, but don't rule out an entryway table, or some side table action where y'all may need it...& despite it having foldable hingey things, we're told that, "This table cannot collapse or fold", which is slightly confusing since those hinges are rather obvious & it would've been another awesome feature if the tray was removable and the base folded up for easy storage, but I'm not mad at it 'cause babygurl is still hawt as all get out & is tots taking me there

More bedding to blow y'all outta your mindzzz:

Sawyer Organic Sheet Set , $55 (in Full, on sale as of this post)

Sawyer Organic Sheet Set, $55 (in Full, on sale as of this post)

Belgian Flax Linen Contrast Flange Sheet Set , $191 (in Full, on sale as of this post) 

Belgian Flax Linen Contrast Flange Sheet Set, $191 (in Full, on sale as of this post) 

help me...

This closet situ caught my eye b/c soooo many peeps are beyond desperate for more closet space-- maybe that's why it's called "New York Closet"? DUH...& it may not necessarily be new for PB-- but just lurvin' how this system can help y'all turn any corner of any room into a chic walk in closet:

New York Closet Shelves , $Customize it based on your room/needs

New York Closet Shelves, $Customize it based on your room/needs

And this little leaning ladder number is so sweet too:

Well alright, Pottery Barn...y'all just laid it out & it's awesome! And shout out to all the photographers and stylists who created these images for PB-- they don't provide credit in the catalogs so I don't know who did what, but bravo! Now y'all get y'allselves to Pottery Barn and scoop up some of this chic while it lasts!