Styleslap your Store Bought Stationery!

Y'all handwritten notes are such a rare treat these days. And there's tons of super cute stationery options out there, but I like to up the personalized styleslapped ante by customizing mine. It's soooo easy & makes your note feel that much more special when a little work of art just showed up in the mailbox! I just whipped up some fun splatter painted plain kraft paper note cards & matching envelopes the other day during storm Jonas, as one does:

You guyzzz-- how cute are these?! Here's what they looked like before splatter, avail here:

I used partial water-diluted Craft Smart acrylic craft paints in fun neon colors avail here, spread the paper and envelopes out and then went to town...

Y'all no shame in sharing my LURV for splatter runs deep-- It's seriously one of my favs-- I've done this technique on my biz card, walls, furniture, clothing-- It makes me soooo happy...

And it's an awesome choice b/c you literally can't make a mistake with it, no matter how janky your diy/painting skills might be! In fact, the messier the better! And the color combos are endless...

Look at all that 'licious-- I  mean

Look at all that 'licious-- I mean

Once dry, I did the other sides:


Here's a video of me getting my splatter on...WARNING this is major high tech expert level shiot: 

Lolololololol- hope y'all could handle all that?! Just dip your brush in your paint, hold brush firmly in one hand & flick it with the other hand...that sounds like a dance move: the DIP & FLICK! yassssss Gawd! Once those bad boys are good n dry, write your note (I recommend using a Sharpie pen) & LET THEM HAVE IT! Your peeps won't know what in hell has arrived in their mailbox at first, but they'll LURV it and YOU!!!