Your walls are begging for this...

Y'all, If your walls could speak to you, they'd prob have quite a bit to say about all the shenanigans you & yours get into on any given day-- ahem, ahem-- and they'd most certainly be telling-- no SHOUTING-- at y'all about Walls Republic. These peeps do INSANELY good design-centric, affordable wallpapers (& murals) for homes & businesses. Before they'd reached out, I'd never heard of 'em (damn shame) but we're so BFF's now I'm dedicating this as Walls Republic Wallpaper Week of Dreamzzz 2016 here on the ole Blog-A-Dazzle. That means I'm gonna be serving y'all heapin' helpins' of PJ's picks of Walls Republic wallpaper throughout the week...I sure hope y'all are HUNGRY?  Let's start with this 'licious:

STYLESLAPPED. These gals are totally serving the look of handpainted wallpaper realness for a price that's not gonna blow out y'all's bank account! I'm writhing to & fro over samples in both colors & I honestly can't choose a favorite y'all, they're both so yummy...and they could work in so many different spaces too: entryway, staircase/hallway, powder rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, wherever y'all put 'em they're gonna be a real's info on Turquoise & here's Yellow.

Ok, this mural, depicting a valley in Italy, might cause some of y'all to break out in hives:

And then y'all see it dolled up like this:

WHAT?! GET IT AOSTA VALLEY MURAL. Sophisticated, modern & super stunning, esp. paired with the black walls/millwork! WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE???? WALLS REPUBLIC. This mural could also make y'all lose your style minds in an entryway/staircase, powder room, dining room, eat in kitchen nook...even in a den/study. I think the trick to making this pastoral mural so fresh & hip is to surround it with monochromatic color on walls, flooring (like example above) and I'd also suggest sprinkling in major modern, clean-lined furniture players too for an unexpected, zesty pairing...speaking of zest:

Ummm...shut the-- FLOCK YOU! Hope y'all are sitting down through this b/c these babies will cause serious knee buckling. And/or all out fainting. So yeah, these are all flocked, which means the filigreed, scroll-like patterns you see are raised (three dimensional) off the paper...and the BEST part about that? The pattern part is soft n fuzzy to the's soooooo luxurious & sooooo amazing. Both patterns come in the dreamiest of colorways (top left is called Off White, but it's more like a gorg champagne-y metallic, beside that is a real stunner called Taupe which reads like matte greige PERFECTION, in person...the far right paper Orbit, is a silver metallic). Despite being flocked, both of these patterns are washable, which is so smart considering the amount of touchy touchy action they're sure to get! HAWTNESS! Also, the scale of both of these is RIGHT ON. I LURV large-scale patterned wallpapers...they're so fresh & timeless to me. Besides maybe a bathroom & kitchen, y'all could use these wallpapers in ANY room of your house for major drama glam. 

Here's more damask drama glam goodness:

Called Black Ornamental, what y'all can't see in the pic above is the fab metallic lace-like pattern inside the white scroll design of the paper that's giving all kinds of LYFE. This paper also has an amazing textured, three dimensional feel to it & comes in a wide array of tangy colorways, like this shiot below:

I mean. They call this color Orange Ornamental, but to me, it's reading more coral in the pic above. But y'all, that's why having samples is MAJOR IMPORTANT when decorating w/wallpaper. That's another killer thing about Walls Republic is that they offer 5 free samples for residential orders! Not only that, there's a 30 day "100% Satisfaction" of your money back guarantee-- these peeps are truly serious (& truly awesome) when they say "We've got your back!". They honestly want to help y'all "transform your home into something spectacular" by having legit top notch service. That's such a rarity these days. Oh, get this: they also offer a flat fee $10 shipping rate for orders to Canada & USA (despite order quantity or where it's being delivered). MIND BLOWN!!!!!!! 

Pic by PJ Mehaffey

Pic by PJ Mehaffey

I sure hope this first serving of PJ's Walls Republic Wallpaper Picks has left y'all good n satiated? Trust there's LOTS MORE where this came from! Be sure to check back in this week for more scrumptious & get y'allselves to Walls Republic like NOW!


Except where noted, all images courtesy of Walls Republic