No manic panic friends: there's more Walls Republic!

In case y'all were starting to get the shakes,  I wanted to share more fabulous from Walls Republic that I'm crushing on:

THAT brilliance is called: Black and White Dogstooth and it's basically PERFECTION that was made into a wallpaper. This pattern will make you a total badazz & can go in ANY room of your space...hold on though, y'all...this:

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.48.20CROP AM.png


Are y'all getting all this genius? This cross stitch-like textured floral fantasy? SO SWEET. The first is Early White & Red and the second is Early White & Blue (go figure) & BOTH will have y'all swiping right for sure. I'd do this pattern in an entryway or powder room, kitchen and def a bedroom...I'd also take the same cue from Walls Republic image above & pair this with clean modern furniture...OK, folks, kinda slid outta my chair over this situ:

This is seriously fulfilling my most insane fair isle fantasies right such splendor, OMG. Called Bright Blue and White this is a stunner to be used where y'all want to make a hella bold statement in your space! It also comes in Bright Pink & White

And this trip-tastic, psychedelic cra cra GREAT shiot right here called Bright Red & Green:

My much chic overload...I CAN'T...

Just BEYOND Exquisite dot com w/these! Can y'all imagine this pattern (any color) in the right rustic, cabin living room with exposed wood beams, jagged rock fireplace and wide plank floors? Ahhhhhh...Or even the quirky contrast of using it as a feature wall in the eat-in nook of a super modern, minimal kitchen? SO AWESOME. Better jump though y'all-- I noticed the Bright Blue and White only has 9 rolls left in stock!!!

More chic, style slap y'all six ways to Sunday patterns that turn up the fun volume:

By taking what could be a really stuffy, grand ma ma motif and WERKIN it OVER...tell us more about yourselves! "Well, OK-- my name is Homey Green and I can brighten up your space and your day if you let me...and I just love to HANG and do it vertically OR horizontally...'cause that's how I roll... 


How do y'all like me NOW? Yassssssssss....I'm also available in Homey Pink

And Homey Blue:

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 12.15.53 PM.png

Yeah, y'all didn't think I could look so modern, did you...homey?! I GOT YOU."

I'd say we've ALL been good n got with these wallpapers today! You've slayed US yet again, Walls Republic. Well played my friends...well played. Get on it-- y'all know what to do!


Images courtesy of Walls Republic