Benjamin Moore

Is that a folding screen in your pocket or you just happy to see me?!

Is that a folding screen in your pocket or you just happy to see me?!

This is an amazing vintage mid-century folding screen but will become OH SO MUCH MORE!

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Lacroix, Sweetie, Lacroix...

Tuesday I shared some wallpaper that had been selected for a new Alchemy Eclectic interior it is again in all its' Christian Lacroix GLORY:


This paper is giving me all kinds of decorating hives and y'all are about to be style-slapped full on about the face when I tell you it's going into a powder room with a YELLOW painted ceiling!!! WHAT?


Here we go!:


Dying!!! Check back soon to see the HAWT after pics!!!

The Alchemical Armoires

This luscious-ness is part of a pair that was scored off Craigslist for a clients office...Craigslist callback y'all!:

Like a lot of folks, she was desperado for extra storage...I'd say these gals fit the bill! Doors! Drawers! Cubbies & Shelves- OH MY!

Problem? Chicken wire door inserts w/polyester curtain-age and heinous finish...

I'm just sayin'...lets fix that, shall we? Starting by chicken wire poly curtain removal and a gloss white paint job.

We used one coat Zinsser BIN primer and this new Advance Benjamin Moore paint that absolutely fulfilled our painting dreams!

Next, chicken wire poly curtain replacement. Mirrors, y'all! I mean...tots obvi! I made a paper template for one door insert and had my glass guy cut four mirrors. Why? Symmetry, Dollbabies! So he cut two one way, then just flipped the template over to cut the other two mirror inserts the other way...make sense? Then I used Liquid Nails adhesive to secure the mirror panels in place. And then this happened:

And this:

The room has a way to go still, but I'd say Drama-glam has been had, y'all!! Happy Friday!