interior decorating project update

The Little Black...Nightstands!

A few weeks back I admitted, with gusto, that I painted copious amounts...all the time. And these Craigslist scores started like this:

Then were primed like so:

To turn out like THIS, Betch:

I mean...are y'all seeing this????:


How insanely glossy gorgeous did this paint job make the old hardware look? WAY Gloss, WAY!

Show me those, oh!:

These gals just went from frau to mutha-f$%ckin' WOW! Class, how many of y'all are gonna start paintin' your wooden furniture now? Consider y'all-selves properly schooled!

Banal 2: Style Served

On yesterday's episode, my adorbs client in a banal Battery Park City apartment needed serious style help w/her multifunction living & dining rooms. It's almost unfathomable: popcorn ceilings, gargantuan furniture...beige. OH-- the SHADE of it all! But, clutch your pearls, Betches...'cause things are 'bout to get correct-ed:

Proposal #1 above is just melt-in-your-mouth yummy...but WAIT, there's MORE!:

Proposal #2 is also scrumptious, yet giving y'all a melange of different flavors to make you whip your hair back & forth! Whip your hair back & forth!

What's happening in both proposals is that I'm trying to give the lady what she wants: hits of industrial & wood, a sense of 'lightness' w/slimmer profile furniture, color, reusing some pieces that WERK and several nods to her feminine bling side, which she didn't even know she had til I READ HER, all proper-like...

Check back tomorrow to see the HAWT reveal pics of what we ended up going with, but in the meantime...which of the proposals do y'all prefer?

Forward Momentum

Happy Friday! Thought I'd end this week with a quick pic update of a clients new dining room light fixture...


Apologies for the poor image quality, but y'all get the idea of what's going on here:


This the Meurice Chandelier, from Jonathan Adler, in Brass, and I think It's pretty stunning! It's paired with this rustic and rectangular chunky farm table and this chic as sin paper from Tempaper! Gorg! I'll include 'to-buy' details later...oh, and that's superstar Henry already making good use of the new light by doing his homework! How inspiring!!!!

This, btw, is what we were dealing with BEFORE:




We've still got LOTS more ground to cover, but I'm pleased as punch with how we're moving forward!!!


Happy weekend!