Give Gifts Like a Rock Star!

To those of you who say "it’s not the gift it’s the thought that counts,” I’m here to tell you, IT IS THE GIFT!  

Here are my top 5 tips to be a rock star gift giver. 

1. Keep a gift closet and shop all year round for it. Why? So that at midnight, when you remember it’s your BFF's birthday tomorrow you've got what you need right down the hall.  Crisis averted. Slap on that La Mer face cream, sleep mask and go right to bed like the rock star you are. 

Uh huh, with your  Bottega Veneta Leather Sleep mask , GURL!

Uh huh, with your Bottega Veneta Leather Sleep mask, GURL!

2. For close friends keep a list of their likes, sizes and loves in your phone.  As a stylist we do this all the time. It means when you find that Tom Ford Cypress cologne on ultra markdown you can nab the gift of the century on the spot for your better half…your Gay Best Friend. 

Make that list GURL & check it TWICE!

Make that list GURL & check it TWICE!

3. Next, become a stalker. 15 minutes creeping on someone’s social feed will tell you their fave nail joint, go to drink and signature color.  All items that can help you get the standing “O" on that next gift.  Just don’t accidentally like a post 115weeks deep.  If you do girl, you are on your own! 

GET your nails DONE Hilary Duff!

GET your nails DONE Hilary Duff!

4. Upgrade their every day.  Rule number one for rock stars is only the finest. In fact, hotels have been asked to upgrade all their bedding and amenities before these Gods of Rock arrive. Take a cue from them and splurge on what will luxe-ify someone's life. Linen sheets, plush towels, a fancy bottle to pop, all on the gift giving list of greatest hits! 


5. Besides going to see Justin Bieber in concert, what is it that his die-hard fans want most?  To meet him! Same applies here. Giving the gift of YOURSELF, might just be your biggest rock star move without the rock star price tag. To pull it off, plan a memory or moment you can enjoy together like arriving with their fave coffee and an itinerary of beloved stops. In my book this is the top of the charts gift to give.