Madam Secretary dressing room makeover!

Y'all, so this happening: working some major #pjdecor #alchemyeclectic makeover magic for incredibly talented & gorg actress Patina Miller's Madam Secretary dressing room! YASSSSSSSS!

Patina plays character Daisy Grant on the hit CBS show...

Patina plays character Daisy Grant on the hit CBS show...

Besides Madam Secretary, Patina has done a ton of awesome projects, like...oh...:The Hunger Games: Mockingjay -- Part 1 & 2, and Broadway's Pippin where she won a Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical in 2013 for her performance as the Leading Player. She's basically just an overall bada$$ SUPERSTAR. If you don't follow her already, start now: @patinamiller (Twitter/Instagram)

How did I get involved?: Patina saw the super cute dressing room makeover I did for actress & mutual friend Carly Hughes (see that here & hawt AFTER gallery pics here) who was also in Pippin, as the Leading Player-- and asked if I could help her out.  

So, here's what Patina inherited & what I'm working with...and please hold on...y'all may not be able to handle all this glamour:


Yummy, right? FYI: This might be what you'd get if y'all took your room design inspiration from a stew. Gravy beige walls. Mustardy carpeting. Chunks of shapeless, unknowable blobs peppered throughout. 


The overhead fluorescent light is causing some serious Green Eggs and Ham anxiety & needs to be put out like NOW, but, along with the paint and carpeting (& some furniture), these elements have to stay. The black patch on the ceiling also stays as it's covering an overzealous air vent. 


Totally baffled by the one & only "floor length" mirror in the entire room since...idk...this IS a dressing room-- you know where people need to see what they're getting dressed into and all-- and that mirror is maybe 12" wide on a wall that's about 14' long. SMH. Plus, Patina intro'd him to me as, "Fat Mirror" so that's just all kinds of wrong for a dressing room or well, ANYWHERE for that matter! Sorry boo, you gotta go!


Some of Daisy's threads awaiting camera time...


And a mini fridge doubling as an "entryway table", there y'all have it! Tots luxe, right?! Here's what I'm tackling:

- NEW MIRROR (duh)

- ambience: make it chic, cozy, & reflect Patina's personality, w/out making permanent changes or spending too much ( y'all, this is her home away from home, but like a dorm room or stringent rental: it's a space Patina doesn't own, yet on shoot days, spends substantial amounts of time in)

- bring in decorative elements like an area rug, pillows, throw, artwork, etc...

- more functional storage with smaller furniture pieces, shelves, etc...

- address lighting...and get new lighting...did i mention lighting?

- a desk or similar table that doubles up for work/eating spot

Patina really vibes pale colors, ivory/champagne, pinks, gold + brass, so that's where our colors, etc will come from and overall it's important to her that the space feel zen-y/ I've certainly got my WERK cut out for me here...BUT...thankfully we're getting some decor donation lurv from our Bff's at ZGallerie and ! Both of these peeps offer all kinds of stylish goodies that will help transform this spot...check 'em out...I'll be sharing more on them later...

I've also got some fun, do-able #pjdiy tricks up my sleeve so prepare y'allselves to be #styleslapped all proper-like! This is gonna be goooooooood!