'shroom II-- Style Slapped...twice!

Y'all, my second mushroom ottoman has been turned out! Here's the fabric she got done up in: A tight pic of the velvet fabric that PJ Mehaffey used on mushroom ottoman

Velvet wasn't my first choice, in all honesty...I wanted to do this awesome blue cotton canvas, but the company stopped making that particular shade of blue, and I wasn't really loving the upgraded color they were trying to pass off as it's replacement. SO, I came across this velvet in the same shade of blue as my inspiration, which I was intrigued by...but then I noticed all this distressing and it was over! 2.5 yards couldn't get into my bag fast enough...and I think I ended up with the right choice:

A close up  pic of PJ Mehaffey's blue velvet mushroom ottoman

An overhead shot of PJ Mehaffey's blue velvet mushroom ottoman

And now, let these two ladies SERVE IT:

After pic of PJ Mehaffey's two reupholstered mushroom ottomans

BIG shout out to the good folks at Economy Foam and Futon who reupholstered these gals! They did such an amazing job!!! If y'all need ANY upholstery, throw pillows, etc...get yo a$$es to Economy...they're soooo affordable and they do soooo much more than just futons, tell them I sent you!