Compose Y'all-selves!

One of my many 'job duties' as a prop & set stylist for photo shoots is to compose items/objects being photographed, like this: A pic of PJ Mehaffey composing cosmetics for a photo shoot

That's an early version of a cosmetics shot that I composed for the 2012 holiday gift's not brain surgery here, folks, but it's a close second at least, I mean, c'mon...the beauty industry? The economy? Y'all do the math! Anyway, I's where we ended up:

A screen grab of the cosmetic section of Taigan gift guide styled by PJ Mehaffey

A little composition love goes a LONG way, right? What started out as cute & contained grew to be fun & flirty with lots of energy and movement. Now, don't y'all just want to buy all that shiot right now? I mean, look how gorg it is, spread all across the place just beckoning, ever so tenderly...Cosmetic Confessions!

Shout out to the uber-talented photographer dynamo, Emily J Anderson, and Ellie Sommerville McNevin, who art directed beyond belief! Trebbie! We had a great time together and I think we served up one sassy gift guide...check it here. So now, none of y'all have ANY excuses for last-minute holiday shopping scrambles, OK?!