Stripped and LOVING IT!

Commence new bedframe backslappery: An overall AFTER shot of bedframe

Biotch took me task with this one...stripping off all that luxurious 'wood' grain took both my time & my brain cells (toxic paint stripper-realness), I'm not gonna lie...but whateve's, it's a small price to pay for all this metal/stainless steel's a refresher of what she used to look like:

Here's more hot AFTER Action:

A close up of bedframe

Let's see this lady without some of those pillows:

Those streaks on the headboard aren't my shoddy photography skills, y'all (sorry about moody lighting)...they're REAL...they came about from my scrubbing and are a bit unsightly, but I'm ok with them...when removing paint or other finish from metal, you often have to use an abrasive (sandpaper, steel wool, scrubber) as well as stripper, to get everything off...and depending upon what & how you use it (by hand vs. power tool), it will "scar" the metal. For instance, sandpaper will remove everything, but you'll be scratching your metal underneath in the removal process, so you have to be careful...some peeps use sandpaper or other abrasives & make it more of a deliberate design detail, creating a pattern or some such in the metal. I wanted the metal here to be more random and hand-finished, so it looked as natural as possible. Also, I can always re-sand if I want to tone down anything, etc. at a later time...b/c y'all know this shiot didn't take long enough in the first place...shut the FU&$ you I'm not touchin' that damn thing again!

Overall, I'm thrilled beyond belief at how my new bedframe turned out! From Thrift Whore score to sassy stainless seductress...consider y'all-selves taken there!