Show Me Your Teeth, Thrift Whores!

A pic of the exterior of the Brooklyn Heights Housing Works And that means it's Thursday, y'all! Get ready to do your Thrift Whore dance...5...6...7...8...cue dry ice...and when the smoke clears, look and see what the Brooklyn Heights Housing Works is serving us this week:

A pic of a pony covered settee in Housing Works thrift shop

We've just been style-slapped by this pony covered settee! DAMN! It's so un-p.c., I KNOW, y'all, but the decorating deed has already been done long ago, so somebody better saddle UP and get this in your house...PRONTO!

A tight pic of the sales tag for a vintage pony covered settee in thrift store

Right about now is the point in my Thrift Whoring that I wish all my years of dreaming for some sort of warehouse space was a reality, b/c that settee would be on my back on it's way there...alas, one day...and this too...damn double hot in one place:

Pic of a mid century desk in thrift store

And the hotties just keep jumping off the shelves in the Housing Works...what what!

A pic of a large dining table at thrift shop

A pic of a bronze chandelier in thrift shop

A pic of a clear glass small lamp in thrift shop

A wall planter at the thrift shop

A brass footed dish in thrift shop

A pic of a corn popper in a thrift shop

So chew on that, y'all! And happy whoring!!!