Y'all, Christopher Columbus has a nice a$$!!!

One of the greatest benefits to living in NYC is getting to experience some cool shiot-- from restaurants, museums, shops, shows, and tranny's. There's this amazing art exhibit happening right now presented by the Public Art Fund, Discovering Columbus by Tatzu Nishi. A pic of the statue of Christopher Columbus in NY, NY

A pic of Christopher Columbus statue in NY, NY

If y'all can't tell what's going on here, it's basically a giant "living room" that's been built on a platform surrounding a pre-existing statue of Christopher Columbus in Manhattan's Columbus Circle. And it's WAY cool to be able to get so up close and personal to something that's normally 75 ft high! In this exhibit, Christopher "stands" atop a coffee table, (y'all know, where ALL of us keep our statues):

A close-up pic of Christopher Columbus statue

And shut the FU$& you, Christopher with this view:

There's armchairs, a sectional sofa, a bookcase with books, even a flatscreen tv (this IS America, y'all):

A pic of a flat screen television in the Christopher Columbus exhibit

One of my fav decorative elements was this 'licious pop art toile wallpaper...

A close up pic of the pop art toile wallpaper in exhibit

I also LOVED how we were encouraged to get all cozy in the living room as if it was our own...which naturally, Dyl and I took full advantage of...

Dylan Hightower kickin back with Christopher Columbus

PJ Mehaffey in Christopher Columbus exhibit

For those who are able, get y'all-selves to this exhibit, which runs until Nov 18, 2012...for the rest of the folks who can't get some of this action in person, soak it up, there's a lot of HOT a$$ up under those skirts:

The posterior view of Christopher Columbus statue