Armoire Amour!!!

Y'all here's a quick update on the armoire makeover:



Refresher: I'm repurposing this thrift store armoire into a bar & additional dining room storage for one of my clients. It's a beast of a thing, and has been soaking up paint like a sponge, but we're getting there...


I just can't gush enough about this idea-- I'm forever seeing these old wardrobes/dressers, entertainment centers, or even china cabinets, at the thrift stores, for next to nothing-- our dude being tricked out here was a mere $69!!! How appropriate! Scandal!!! With some elbow grease and creativity, y'all can totally customize them to suit the task at client wanted to be able to shut away the bar & be able to store entertaining extras so if the need arises, they'd all be close at hand...these drawers ought to help her with that, especially when they're lined in this amazing hot pink felt:


I simply used spray mount on drawer bottom and carefully smoothed out the felt towards drawer edges. Next, i slowly trimmed along grooves with exacto knife and scissors, tucking any frayed edges into drawer seams...felt realness:


One down, three more to go!!! I've also got some plans to make the bar nice and glam...Check back for HOT after shots soon!!!