The POTUS...dumpster dives???

A pic of PJ Mehaffey with a locker pulled from a dumpster

Y'all, I think President Obama is amazing and maybe the past four years haven't been the reveal beyond belief that we all so desperately seek here on Blog-A-Dazzle, but c'mon, we've had some incredible moments (gay rights, hello???), esp. considering the 'before' he inherited...let's HOPE he gets four more years to deliver the 'after' that will really make our jaws drop...he's got my vote...especially since Michelle Obama took us there with her speech recently at the DNC revealing this about our Commander-in-Chief, "he was the guy whose proudest possession was a coffee table he'd found in a dumpster", yes please!!!

An after pic of the locker found in dumpster, transformed

Now get out and do some diving...and voting, y'all-- four more years!!!