The day the Thrift Whores come out!

Thursdays are always such a treat around here! Especially when I've been out whoring for thrift. This week was even more treat-ful b/c I was accompanied by one of my nearest and dearest, Alane...a.k.a., Tae...we hit the local Housing Works, just in the nick of time too...look at the scene out in front of this place:


Damn! These whores are just ravaging those bins, y'all!!! Get IT! Why? Some sort of Fall sale--- there's a purple sign in the window that's partially blocked by a man's head, but it reads, 'Fall'...

Anyway, seasonal sales tend to set a special blend of frenzy in folks that your average every day sale situation can't touch...and as a Thrift Whore, I'm not immune either, folks...not at all! And throw in this metal bed frame and it's full-on manic panic:


Believe it or not, this baby is metal under all that brown blah...on wheels...and that rounded footboard is just slaying me with style! I don't need a bedframe, but at $20, I can't NOT buy this biotch...imagine how AMAZING she'll look when she's stripped down to bare metal...yum! The mirror is just as 'licious, but she's an ambitious $75, so she's gettin' left behind... There wasn't much else in the store to shake a stick at, sadly, but you know true commitment to the whore-ery when we forced that bedframe into Tae's 1984 Mercedes...that's a leg hanging out of the trunk with a pink scarf tied on for 'safety'...happy whoring, y'all: