Grocery Cart Goes Glam!

Y'all, I've had this amazing vintage shopping cart for almost a year:


Such an amazing score!

And honestly, she's just so chic, AS IS, sitting all side table-like in the corner of my salon-- uh huh, I typed salon-- but that's just way too easy for the likes of me. This gal is becoming our new bar cart! Oh shiot, y'all were just style-slapped!!!

20120816-130440.jpg I'm going to have glass custom cut for the bottoms of each of the basket levels, so they become usable/level surfaces from which to get my drink on. Bottoms? Basket? This post sure is gettin' good, y'all-- damn! And I'm not even done yet!

20120822-072834.jpg Once I add my bar (bottles, ice bucket, maybe some glassware, cocktail napkins, etc) and's happy hour!!! This is probably one of the easiest repurposing projects I'll ever, naturally it's taken almost a year to get done, but whatev''s going to be amazing, so stay tuned to get some hot AFTER reveal action, y'all!