Are you a T.W.?

Do you suffer from being a T.W.? Are you constantly trolling neighborhoods looking for your next score? Seeking gratification and fulfillment from some poor lost soul, who, you just know will be the perfect fix...even though your friends and family and EVEN strangers keep telling you to're out of control? Well, then biotch...OWN that shiot, 'cause you're nothing but a Thrift Whore and today is YOUR day!!!! Thrift Whore Thursday, y'all! I stumbled upon this little gem on 5th Ave in Bklyn, called Bnai Tekuhnah Thrift Shop (um, I'm sorry...what? Who?):


Love that their sign specifies "Cloth/Furniture"...y'all know I like me some good Cloth!

Look what else is good here:


As evidenced by the storefront shot, it was raining like hell outside when I paid a visit to this place...and inside, it was a deluge of creepy ass Victoriana dolls, lined up on a ledge-- damn!


Y'all, this might be hard to see clearly, but it's some kind of primitive wagon /carriage light fixture straight off the Pony Express, no doubt, (so, naturally it wound up at Bnai Thrift Shop)! But, can it be resuscitated with some paint in a fun color?


These lovely gals are jumping off the shelf with color!!! Slap them both with some chic drum shades in white or linen and just shut the fu$& you, already!!! Cloth!


PANDA! if it's got a panda on it, just buy that shiot, y'all, don't even ask...

Tenderness abounded within upon seeing this and I knew that some how, some way, ALL would be alright in the world...that I, PJ, am a THRIFT WHORE...and I'm OK with that...happy whoring, y'all!:


And Cloth!