Office Plan

My client threw me a conundrum, or tried to anyway, when she tells me that she needs me to decorate her new office. For a staff of four. In one room. Short sentences with periods equal drama. The pics are in the previous's my plan of attack: A sketch of new office workstation by PJ Mehaffey

If y'all can't tell what in hell is going on with my sketch, here's the actual product sheet:

I love these cool Ikea desk/bookcase combo units! The lamps are just tres chic, no matter what day of the week it is. Cute cork and metal desk organizers. Clients' existing office chairs are gorg, so they're being re-used, which we love, not only for the environment, but also for the budget. And can we all just writhe around all over that cowhide rug? Go ahead, y'all writhe!!! YES! Clearly, I'm going for a very black and white/neutral color palette. Client is in PR/Communications...she's way hip and way savvy. I wanted to keep her workspace light and airy and unfussy. Let the color come in with her custom inspiration boards...oh, wait...I didn't mention those yet?

So, y'all saw the pics of the atrocious interior soundproof windows...I'm proposing we retrofit them as giant inspiration/bulletin boards! Made from what? C'mon y'all...HOMOSOTE!!! Call back! That's right, we're gonna just cut some homosote to size and take those odd windows and make them work for us! I'll upholster these with a nice neutral linen and frame them out with some chunky molding/trim...and since there are two windows in the space, this new office will score double bulletin board value so client can pin her PR & communications for days on end!

We'll just re-use the existing window treatments and give that space a fresh coat of white paint...and voila-- new office! Stay tuned for more process shots as it all comes together!