One of my interior clients needed a new office-- fast and cheap (like my lovers)! As most of y'all know, that's a challenge I'm always up for...sassy scandals! Oh and this room has to comfortably accomodate four's the new spot:A pic of the new office space for client Uh-huh I've always taken issue with interior windows in spaces, but actually, y'all, this is a former recording studio, so those are actually pretty standard fare. It's soundproofed and hung on a weird angle, that you can't really see in the pics, but I've got a plan for that's more BEFORE office eye candy: A second pic of the office BEFORE shot A third picture of the new office A fourth picture of the new office highlighting the interior window A fifth and final picture of the new office Stay tuned to see my design solution(s) on how I'm going to make this space really sing!!!