REVEAL! Office! Dreams! Destiny!

Y'all, it's time to get some full-on eye candy! The office is complete, woohoo, BUT before any hot reveal action can occur, have to let y'all know about a slight curve ball with the design plan/furniture solution. I'd found those awesome Ikea desk/combo units (see previous post for pic) which my client was totally on board with. But then she wasn't liking the fact that when configured in the space, they would partially block the inspiration boards that would be retrofitted over the existing soundproof windows. And baby just can't have ANY kind of blockage...ok? Y'all know that's right...flush IT! So, with some slight design adjustments, each worker will now get to rock these as their desks...

Desktop: A picture of an Ikea table top turned desk top

Base 1 (right side): A picture of the right side base unit that will also house the computer tower

Base 2 (left side): A picture of the left side base unit for new desk configuration

I love this new solution! The butcher block desk tops will give us warmth...the bases will serve us lots of yummy storage (hide those computer towers whenever y'all can, biotches!)...mix them all together and you've got yourselves some kind of sassy-chic-home-away-from-home PR/communications office realness!

And just so y'all know how hands-on I am with all my projects...take a look at this mini mountain that I was pushing around Ikea: An image of two carts overflowing from Ikea with new office purchases

But trust that mountain was conquered and an office was born, y'all: A pic of the new office AFTER makeover, one side of room

A pic of the other side of the new office room

A detail pic of heinous interior window as inspiration board

Additional pic of the other side of new office

A pic of the desk nearest main office door

Obvi, chairs will move in along with computers and the other inevitable office trappings, but this baby is ready to rock and roll! I'm really pleased with how it turned out and more importantly, my client (& her staff) have had their new office dreams AND destinies fulfilled! What more could I ask for in life, y'all?