Brooklyn Bedroom REVEALED

Nov 9th was my last post? Oh shiot, I guess I’m overdue for a giant Alexis Colby Style Slap right about now…but hold that hand, y’all! For the past couple months I’ve started my own LLC, Alchemy Eclectic, gotten three new interior dec projects and have still been prop styling! In fact, as I type this, I’m in the middle of a two week gig in San Francisco for Pottery Barn Bed & Bath – so, shut the FU*@ YOU! Love y’all, Grandbaby Blog A Dazzlers!!! I’m excited to finally be able to share pics from a Brooklyn bedroom I designed almost two years ago…shot by the wonderfully talented Bob Martus.

Philip's Brooklyn bedroom The room(s) already had this delicious architectural detail, but to make it a real feast, a two-toned paint treatment was added. Yummy!

bedside table

Like most spaces in NYC, closets are virtually non-existent, so a potentially awkward nook was commandeered as a dressing room.

Philip's Brooklyn closet

My client is a real dude, not necessarily a clothes-horse per se, but ANYONE can appreciate a room-turned-closet that’s tricked out with lots of stylish yet functional storage and a statement mirror! Your closets don’t have to be ugly, folks!

Closet mirror

Closet dressing area

Overall, I think this space rocks! It’s just the right mix of modern and vintage...masculine and feminine…

Closet mirror detail Closet hanging detail

I love that a questionable nook was turned out and became a swank dressing "den"! Hello Don Draper! I also j'adore the celebration of phenomenal architecture with that modern graphic paint treatment! So, hopefully I've given y'all a little somethin' somethin' to make up for my assured, there's much more Dazzle goodness yet to come!

Closet detail with clock