Sunset Stitchery

It's no secret that I'm slightly obsessed with vintage yarn art and, imagine my joy upon discovering these beauties while thrifting on vacation in Birmingham:

20120602-002441.jpg This absolute score is actually three different vintage unopened embroidery kits that include the printed design on cotton mesh, wool yarn AND needles-- for $2.99 each! Ahhh, Salvation Army Family Store still knows how to slay us with some value, y'all...

There's "Mountain Springtime" (this gal would've cost $24.00 from JC Penney, according to the original price sticker still attached)


"Apple Time" (Her sticker says she was $15.99 at The Craft Showcase, but poor thing was reduced to $10.39 and still no one bought her! Damn!)


And of course, the serendipitous: "Lazy Days" (Oh shiot, The Craft Showcase was also selling her for just $14.99, but no one got off their lazy ass to buy back then-- I sure as hell did!)


I'm not certain how these gloriously heinous kits will become my latest works of art...wall hangings?...pillows? but trust, y'all, that something scrumptious will be served and stitched right into my collection!!!