Y'all, go get your Art on!

PJ Mehaffey, featured designer on art.com The art you choose to display in your space says a lot about "who" you really are... it's not just a style statement... it can be a real journey into the psyche of the folks who live there... sometimes that's a trip you're eager to take-- especially when we're talking about yummy vintage yarn art-- holla-- or, it can be territory that's best left uncharted. Meaning, anything incorporating LED lights. And scene. Thankfully, the good peeps over at art.com have trusted yours truly to offer up my picks for adding some pizazz to your place... I tried to corral a varied collection of art, without loosing my style stamp of approval. Currently they're featuring a gallery of floral and nature themed art that I selected. Check out my gallery here (just scroll down and click my face - y'all know you want to)... even if my suggestions don't backslap you, you're sure to find something that will help tell the world who you really are!