Patrician Court Welcomes You!

Alright y’all, I KNOW, it’s way janky that I haven’t shared any sass since May…some folks are no doubt malnourished, having hijinks withdrawals… But, in addition to moving into a fabulous apartment in none other than the esteemed Patrician Court building —think Melrose Place of Lefferts Gardens Brooklyn, minus the pool! The glamorous Patrician Court

And because moving apartments wasn’t enough, I also got married, went on an incredible honeymoon in Costa Rica and even went back to my natural color, blonde. (Dying it brown just became too much for me with everything on my plate—y’all know how it is! Shut the... **ck you!) Damn, we're hot!

Our new apt is 2 bedrooms, with good bones: parquet floors, cool black & white tiled bath, amazing light and nicely sized, box-shaped rooms. The best part? We have 5 closets up in here, y’all! Yes, I wrote 5!!! For those not living in NYC, closets here are virtually nonexistent. To have 5 in one apt, is like discovering that the $20 thrift store Saarinen rip off you almost didn't buy, is 100%-sticker-intact-authentic! Damn! There’s so many closets, y’all, I’ve turned one of them into my own prop closet-- A prop stylists dream! (A dream that I’ll be sharing right here, with y’all! That’s right, folks! Stay tuned for dreams!) In fact, I’ll be sharing A TON of Patrician Projects with y’all, b/c the punch list for this new apt. is full-on insane! Until then, chew on some of these ‘before’ shots, I can’t have none of y’all getting’ hangry (angry + hungry) while you wait for more style nourishment: Our new living room

Arches rock!

Oh, and of course, I’m still working on Disa’s Maplewood manse…so, in addition to dreams, expect to see some Disaronno glam goodness. Wallpaper, Chandeliers, Roman Shades and area rugs are runnin’ rampant in NJ! Y’all, you’re gonna be backslapped!