I heart Lonny Magazine!

For those of y’all who take to living under rocks, may I introduce you to the amazing Lonny Magazine! Lonny is the genius brainchild of Michelle Adams & Patrick Cline, started one year ago this month. Happy Birthday Lonny, celebrate your design destiny!!! Lonny is an online magazine that “focuses on lifestyle and home décor”.  The genius here, y’all, is its accessibility for not only inspiration, but also as a giant shopping resource - since, almost everything you see pictured can be purchased with the click of your mouse!  I’m thrilled to share that I was asked to contribute to the current issue’s gift guide for dudes—y’all know, with my being a bit of an authority on men and all…oh, shiot!!! So, take a peek y’all—you’ll be inspired and can also get a head start on the often-challenging task of shopping for the men in your lives…yummy! (click here for Lonny goodness - my hotness starts on page 36 y'all!)