Get your craft on!

Y’all, I got a cool opportunity this past week to do some crafting goodness for a Family Fun magazine Halloween segment on the Regis & Kelly Show! The crafts were super-cute and for the most part, super-easy! (Big southern shout-out to Dyl who sacrificed most of his weekend and several hours of sleep to help—Yeehaw, Dyl! You took us there!) The segment aired on Wed 10/27 and went really well. Y’all can watch it live right here. Once you click the link, you'll have to click on Videos and then scroll down to the "Pumpkin Alternatives" video. Enjoy! Now, I’m no stranger to being on a set, but live shows are an entirely different beast! Pun intended- Happy Halloween, Y’all!!! Scary! I wasn’t there on the day of the shoot, I had to come in the afternoon before to pre-set all the crafts and decorate the tables. Then, they just rolled the tables into place when they were ready to shoot the following day. As a stylist and control freak, this was a bit nerve-wracking— because whenever there’s tables with wheels involved, whatever pretty tablescape you’ve got going on, may not always be what shows up when it reaches it’s destination. But, all in all, I think everything looked great and of course, Regis (especially) and Kelly were hysterical to watch. Happy Halloween y'all!