Y'all need REHAB!

Y’all, there’s been a lot of glamour going on in my world recently, so please forgive my lapse in posts. The biggest is that we’ve moved into a new apartment, which y’all will be learning a lot more about right here... holla, new decorating hijinks!!! The other is the completion of our first episode in a new web-series I’ve developed called, Style Rehab. If the title doesn’t convey it enough, it’s a show about stylish ways to rehab, or rehabilitate, one’s space. Our first episode features Andrea, who’s in dire need of some craft corner style love. Watch and enjoy and of course, I welcome your comments! And if any of y’all are in need of a serious intervention, Style Rehab is taking on new patients! Send me an email of your ailments, we’ll get you good and fixed-up!